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Lake Egypt
Director: Earl Sigley
15927 Becker rd
Johnston city,IL. 62951

(618) 922-3876

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2019 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
2/23/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 7am-3pm results news
3/23/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 7am-3pm results news
4/20/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 6:30am-3pm results news
5/11/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 6am-3pm results news
10/12/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 7am-3pm results news
10/26/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 7am-3pm results news
11/9/2019 Lake Egypt - Pyramid - 7am-3pm results news
All entries received prior to Lake Egypt events in 2019 will be entered into a draw for boat numbers. If you prepaid you will draw your take off position the morning of the event. All those paying at the ramp will get the next available position.

DOCK FISHING RULE: For many years we have done our best to get this rule changed. We have spoke directly with the Power Plant, we have talked to the County Commissioners, we have talked to the DNR and we have talked to that districts State Representative and Senator about this issue that is affecting tourism and local businesses. In that time we have done as much as possible to police and enforce this rule. It was important to me, to be able to say we were doing our utmost to follow the rule. At this point we have been unsuccessful in getting anyone to act and, or find a solution.

Starting in 2019 we will no longer be policing this rule nor should you be concerned with doing such. It is not our responsibility to do so. It also is not the responsibility of a dock owner to do so. If you are verbally harassed while fishing on your time or in a tournament, I advise you to first request that those doing such stop, if the harassment continues call the DNR or local authorities. We must start having these confrontations logged.

This is the Power Plants rule and it is up to them to have authorities police it. We will not take protest on the issue. If you receive a ticket, or if you're forced to leave the lake by an authority you will be disqualified. I have never heard of this happening on the lake but if they police it, we will enforce it.

We had hoped that common sense would be found somewhere within our attempts to have this rule changed but that has yet to be realized. So it's up to those without it, to police it, it's their rule.

Lake Egypt division will be going to a 4 fish limit for 2017 Anglers Choice events. Two fish between 12" and 14" may be included within that limit or all 4 fish over 16".


Lake Egypt Bass Tournaments:
Reserve your boat number. $30 per event secures your take position. Reservations are non refundable with the exception of event cancellation or date changes.