AC Tournament Trail LLC


Director: Clint Marler
1083 candlewood ct
Chesterton , IN 46304


Choice Points Entry Form Top 200 Money


2020 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
6/27/2020 Webster Dnr ramp results news
7/11/2020 Barbie - Kuhn ramp results news
8/8/2020 Pine - stone lake ramp results news
8/22/2020 Dukes results news
9/19/2020 Wawasee - wawasee ramp results news
9/20/2020 Maxi - Dnr ramp results news
10/10/2020 Tippi - dance hall results news

Due to Covid19 pre pays for the season will be accepted at the first tournament but please let me know prior to that

Please review the new schedule!!!

There will be no locking at any tournament

Attention Important Rule:

There will be a 3 day off limits prior to tournaments.

All tournaments will start at sunrise and go eight hours . mandatory meating will be held 20 min prior to take off

2020 Pre Paid

1- Jon Vanover, Scot Boals **
2- Jim Wheeler, Ray Smith *
3- Matt Hoffer, Brad Hoffer*
4- Art Scott, Brandon Scott*
5- Tim Rasala, Steven Coleman**
6- Ken Tucker, Travis Terry *
7- Brad Childress, Mark Childress**
8- Gerald Duracz, Tim Childs*
9- Marc Evan's, Nick Klupfenstein*
10- Kyle Kaser, **
11- Kenny Farmer, Missy Farmer**
12- Frank Berning, Mike Lytle*
13- Clint Gradeless, Jeff Geller*
14- Gerald McGee, Chip Harrison***
15- Bill Fullington, Andy Lent*
16- Jason Goss, Don Miles*
17- Troy Shuman, Rich Kersten (ramp pay)
18- Jeff Morris, Justin Memmer ( ramp pay)
19- Josh Brandenberger, Chase Fennel *
20- Lee Duracz, Jeremy Bunnell
21- John Pridemore, Ty Kendall ( ramp pay)
22- Carl Peiper, Dusty Clifton **
23- Andy Ellenberger,Dave Schultz Jr(RP)
24- Max Sommers, Russ Sommers ( ramp pay)
25- Travis Osbun, Skylar King ( ramp pay)
26- Chris Brunt, Pat Ott ( ramp pay)

* indicates normal pre pay
** indicates pre pay plus membership
*** indicates entire season paid for

Welcome to the 2020 AC Michiana division.
We are expecting our biggest year yet! Last year we averaged 24 boats!. We are going to continue allowing pre pays. Once you pre pay you are placed in a morning draw for boat position, also once we reach 30 pre pay teams I will personally pay out one more place for $180.00 out of my pocket! This will only be offered to teams that prepaid . This year's pre pay will be $140 dollars. We will put $20 of the $140 towards each of the 7 regular season events. Also if you want you can pay the entire season up front your choice.Teams that do not pre pay will be first come first serve basis, after the pre pay teams. I.E. if we have 28 pre pay teams the first non pre paid boat will be boat 29.

To pre pay please send a check payable to Clint Marler to 1083 Candlwood Dr chesterton Indiana 46304