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Director: Chris Sicotte
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Escanaba, MI 49829


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2021 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
4/25/2021 Winneconne results news
5/16/2021 Shawano results news
6/6/2021 Green Lake results news
6/27/2021 Minocqua Chain results news
7/25/2021 Shawano results news
8/8/2021 Green Lake results news
9/12/2021 Winneconne results news
ATTENTION: I will be extending the early entry deadline until the end of January for those who don't have Facebook and were unaware of the early entry. We currently have over 20 teams registered for most of the events, thanks and keep them coming.
As an appreciation for those who have signed up for 5 or more events I will be drawing all of you first followed by those who have signed up for 4 or less. If you have already signed up for four or less you can register for a few more to make it in the top group.

This is who I have listed for early entries so far and how many events:
Toby Vertein 7
Scott Kettenhoven 7
Jeremiah Parson 5
Derrek Nelson 7
Eddie Berndt 1
Shannon Norder 7
Josh Wolf 7
Hunter Billington 7
Ryan Cappert 2
Daniel Cook 7
Kyle Carpenter 7
Jay Wollenberg 1
Geoff Williams 7
Kruzitski 7
Nathan Delaney 7
Josh Keeney 7
Reece Keeney 7
Mike Seward 2
Roger Olson Jr 7
Bob Wetli 7
Greg Klug 5
Bob Ahrndt 7
Rob James 4
Kyle Weston 6
Michael Durant 7
Laike Maec Pesew Miller 7
Shawn Schell 7
Craig Panfil 7
Tyler Buss 7
Keith Clegg 7
Logan Bauer 7