Five Things To Know About Your Boat Insurance 
By U.S. Angler's Choice via Ben Green


 U.S. Angler’s Choice is proud to have Ben Green Insurance Agency as a promotional partner for the 2019 season. Ben has put together a list of five questions we should all find the answers to before learning the hard way. Ben is a boat owner and a tournament angler so when you speak to them, you’re not teaching your insurance agent over the phone. Give Ben Green Insurance Agency a call and you will have peace of mind that you are properly covered.

Ben Green Insurance Agency is not just Bass Boats, they insure Bass Fishermen, their businesses and their families.

“Five point Q&A with Ben Green from Ben Green Insurance Agency”

1-Does my Policy cover me for fishing tournaments?”
This is the main question to start with. You want to get this question answered in writing. I can write several paragraphs on why this is important; however, I think it is fairly obvious for anyone seeing this article.

2-What is “Actual Cash Value”, “Agreed Value and “Replacement Cost” and why is it important?
- “Actual Cash Value” is the fair market value the loss will be paid out at. This is very dangerous as it is an undefined figure. If you have this on your policy, you’d better call and change it immediately.

- “Agreed Value”
This is the dollar amount shown for the Hull Value on the Policy. This is what the policy will pay for a total loss. However, look at the fine print in the policy. Some items such as Outboard Motors could be subject to depreciation. Partial losses like a ripped off lower unit could be subject to depreciation.

- “Guaranteed Replacement Cost”
This is the one you want if you can get it. Usually nothing in the policy is subject to depreciation. This is typically reserved for newer watercraft.

3- “I have Graphs, are they covered?”
Get this answer in writing. Many policies will cover the graphs with replacement cost. These high dollar pieces of technology sink faster than a punch weight in value. If you don’t have replacement cost on them, you’re going to want it.

4- “My Powerhead blew, Now what?” In many instances the powerhead is not covered. The number one question for your insurance provider is “Will my Powerhead be covered if I hit something?” Make sure the answer is in writing. Make sure you are happy with the communication. Some carriers will cover the powerhead. Many advertise mechanical failure as a coverage. Make certain you know what components are covered and for how much. Many only cover up to $1,000 yet they say “covered” or “included” in the sales presentation.

5- “I’m at a motel and my gear was stolen out of my room, where is my coverage?” This is not a covered cause of loss in your typical boat policy. This could be covered by your home or renter policy. HOWEVER, if you are fishing a tournament, many companies will flat decline this loss as it occurred while participating in a financially incentivized competition.

“I appreciate the opportunity to partner with U.S. Angler’s Choice. My job is to educate. I know you all have relationships with carriers, brokers or agents. If we can help, let us know. If you feel like you must educate your salesperson on how to insure a bass boat, imagine your frustration explaining this at the time of a claim.”

Ben also went on to say “The main difference between the standard insurance provider and us, is that we represent you the buyer. We do not represent the company. We work with several companies therefore there is not a potential conflict of interest if we have to go to battle with the company on your behalf.”

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