You must monitor your own Choice Points, please read below.

Please note: Choice points will be updated immediately when the results of a tournament are posted on the website. However, because they are computerized, your names must be the same for every tournament. Jim Smith, James Smith, Jimmy Smith are all different people to a computer. John Doe and Jane Doe is a different team than Jane Doe and John Doe. Please whenever signing up at a trail make sure the Tournament director knows exactly how to put your name into the system.

To be determined a Choice Division qualifier at years end your rank must be higher in Choice Division than any other single division. If not you will represent the division in which you had the highest rank. The teams that remain in the Choice Division will have proven their success over multiple divisions rather than mostly in a single division. Once these teams have been removed from the Choice Standings the remaining Choice Qualifiers will be reordered for take off purposes. Please see rules for additional Choice Division criteria.


Total Tournaments fished by Choice Division Teams = 2
Choice Division Average = 0.285714285714286

For any errors or ommissions please do the following:

1. Please look at all the results of the tournaments you fished and make sure that your names are exactly the same in each event.
2. When you find the event or events with your named spelled or entered incorrectly, please contact that director and have them make the adjustments. Each director has access to this and can make the changes for you.