AC Tournament Trail LLC


Director: Clint Marler
2001 Terreno dr
Chesterton , IN 46304


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2023 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
4/15/2023 Michiana - Maxi results news
5/27/2023 Michiana - Dukes Bridge results news
6/10/2023 Michiana - Webster results news
7/22/2023 Michiana - Barbee  results news
8/5/2023 Michiana - Tippi  results news
9/23/2023 Michiana - St Joe Maggie's results news
10/7/2023 Michiana - Wawasee  results news
ATTENTION: * indicates normal pre pay
** indicates pre pay plus membership
*** indicates entire season paid for

----- All lakes we fish will be off limits three days prior to tournament day. There will be no one allowed on the tournament Lake Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday the week of the tournament.

🔥Local Sponsor Alert:

I want to thank Brittany Munoz with realty executives premier for being our local sponsor. Thanks to Brittany's generous sponsorship we are able to give out more hardware at each tournament. If you are looking to buy or sell a house or know someone that will be, please give her a chance before looking anywhere else. You might as well support someone that helps the sport we all love. And on top of that when it come to buying or selling a house she flat out gets results! Just click on the link to the right for all her information.

We are going to continue allowing pre pays. Once you pre pay you are placed in a morning draw for boat position. This year's pre pay will be $140 dollars. We will put $20 of the $140 towards each of the 7 regular season events. Also if you want you can pay the entire season up front your choice.Teams that do not pre pay will be first come first serve basis, after the pre pay teams. I.E. if we have 30 pre pay teams the first non pre paid boat will be boat 31.

To pre pay please send a check payable to Clint Marler to 2001 Terreno dr chesterton Indiana 46304

1- Scott Sizemore, Leeann Sizemore *
2- John Gipson,Ken Holder*
3- Jim Sprinkle, Travis Edgar*
4- Jason Elliott, Tim Hudson ***
5- Kyle Kaser, Brad Kaser *** (and side pot)
6- Brian Whitaker, Don Whitaker **
7- Matt Hoffer, Brad Hoffer *
8- Drake Richter, Dylan Brown **
9- David Brown, Terry Schoettmer **
10- Marc Evans, Nick Klopfenstein (ramp pay)
11- Bill Fullington, Andy Lent*
12- Braiden Arrett, Joey Kogut *
13- Wade Yost, Dusty Clifton (ramp pay)
14- Ken Tucker, Brian Hensley ( ramp pay)
15- Kevin Knape, Jason Ewell (ramp pay)
16- Tim Childs, Andy Ellenberger ( ramp pay)
17- Bruce Young, Lee Duracz (ramp pay)
18- Clint Gradeless, Jeff Geller (ramp pay)
19- Chris Brunt, Terry Burgess ( ramp pay)
20-Jason Patterson,Nicholas Sobieski (ramp pay)
21- Art Kerns, Clifford Kerns ( ramp pay)
22- Dustin Hamilton,Ron Crawford (ramp pay)
23- Jason Hall, Derrick Ameigh (ramp pay)
24- Shawn Burton, Bart Grider ( ramp pay)
25- Mark Farver, Steve Kline ( ramp pay)
26- Jason Goss, Matt Goss ( ramp pay)
27- Ricky Thompson, Mitch Forde ( pre pay)
28- Heath Hawkins, Dan Perdieu ( pre pay)
29 -